Durga Aur Charu 19th February 2023 episode written update

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Anirban asks Durga to tell her family members that she doesn’t want to marry now as she likes to work. Durga then replies to him saying she can’t break her family members’ hearts by saying this. Anirban then teases her saying don’t try to become a god when the world is filled with humans by doing all of this. Durga gets confused and asks him to tell her what he can do if he was in her position. Anirban tells her he would have listened to his heart. She further asks him about what his heart is saying. Anirban tells her that his heart is telling him to stare at her then she gets shy and informs him that she wants to leave even before others see her. Anirban tells her to forget about others and tells her to close her eyes, she then closes her eyes. He takes her hand and puts it on his chest and asks her to open her eyes. He then tells her to listen to what his heart is saying. She wonders how she is going to reject the marriage proposal and how she is going to get permission to work with Charu.

The next day Sampurna asks Durga about her decision regarding marriage. Durga says she will marry Munna. Binoy then interferes and tells her to think twice before taking any decision. Durga then tells Sampurna that she wants to help slum people as she became a lawyer to fulfill her parents’ wish and wants to live as a lawyer for 15 days. Sampurna accepts her request and tells her that trust should not be broken at this time. Durga decides to clear Charu’s misunderstanding.

Charu herself tells that it would be good if Durga is with her. Meanwhile, Anirban comes there and tells her that he is with her. Charu gets surprised and asks him how he knows she is there. Anirban then closes her mouth with his finger and informs her that he came to help her in these slims case. Durga comes there and tells him she is with Charu and she will help Charu title her marriage. Charu feels happy after listening to Durga’s words. Durga then told Anirban to leave as she is with Charu and she won’t feel alone anymore. Anirban decides to stop Durga’s marriage anyway and wants to win Charu’s trust. Anirban started leaving that place. Charu then tells Durga that she won’t trust Anirban, meanwhile Anirban returns and says she can trust him and asks her why she is not trusting him as she accepted Durga’s help. Charu then tells her that she can see the truth in Durga’s eyes and on the other side he looks double faced. Durga feels happy that Charu is trusting her. Anirban tells her that he will prove himslef trustable person.

Durga and Charu eats panipuri and they both notices Munna there. Then they both went to Abhirup house and sees Anirban dancing with other girls. Charu and Durga came to know that Anirban is Abhirup son.

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