Wipro reduces fresher salary package from Rs. 6.5 lakh to Rs. 3.5 lakh per annum

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Indian IT tech giant Wipro reduces the salary package for freshers which previously offered Rs. 6.5 lakh per annum and now asking freshers if they are willing to work for Rs.3. lakh per annum.

According to a report by Moneycontrol, “The company has constantly said it will honour all offers. Now there is already a gap, so the student has no option but to take this out. If they had to do this, why couldn’t they do it last year? There were at least jobs in the market at that time. Now, it’s very tough. If you had to pay us Rs 3.5 lakh, why would people wait. Any company would have paid us Rs 3.5 lakh, but we waited because we had offer of Rs 6.5 lakh from Wipro,” quoted as saying by fresher who received such an email.

This comes in an uncertain demand environment, margin pressures, and recessionary concerns, which has caused Wipro to delay onboarding for the 2022 batch of graduates for several months, Moneycontrol reported.

Wipro responded to queries sent by Moneycontrol saying, “In light of the changing macro environment and, as a result, our business needs, we had to adjust our onboarding plans.”

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Published on: 21 February 2023

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